It’s Been Two Years! – Kizuna’s Birthday

Today it’s been two years since Kizuna arrived to my home and started this whole dolly adventure.
On this occasion let’s go back to that day and to some never published pictures of the box opening.

Seeing this box in person was a great experience of its own.

After opening the box, there was a famous paper bag with a portrait of Kizuna, and an attached character card.

A view known from many photos and videos – finally in person!

This is how she looked taken out from her box. I still remember what a strange sensation it was to unbend her knees for the first time – they were so stiff and squeaky, that it felt unnatural to move them.

The first look into her eyes – priceless! I remember how fascinated I was by the depth of her eyes. And how I couldn’t believe that the face I had used to see only on the distant online pictures is finally mine.
It was literally a dream coming true.

I had to test whether she could stand on her own – and she could 🙂

Her clothes, wig and stand.

And unpacked. The jeans seemed so huge!

The shoes like the real ones!

I loved the wig in person.

It took ages to put her jeans on for the first time. New jeans were like a new jeans – very hard to put on one’s butt and even harder to button up 😉

Her first decent portrait 🙂

Finally, the mandatory “take me home” picture. I have totally forgoten that I had taken it.

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46 Responses to It’s Been Two Years! – Kizuna’s Birthday

  1. O kurczaki pieczone! Jaka boska panna! Spodnie i bity przyprawiły mnie o opad szczęki :O

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