Arrival Of The King Of Knights

Arrived today on her motored cuirassier. After four months of wait the King of Knights is finally here.

I want to introduce you the newest addition to my family – a PVC figure from Good Smile Company, Fate/Zero Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier.

Today the big box from Tokyo Otaku Mode was waiting for me at the office. I was really surprised by the size of the box – I expected a big box, but not that big!

Here you can see the box with my 60cm girl – Kizuna (she just couldn’t miss the occasion to help and to appear on some of the photos).

The actual figure box was only slightly smaller than the outer box.

The box itself is one of the ones you would never want to throw away. It sets the expectations pretty high.

First look at Saber – she’s gorgeous, even through all the packaging.

Front view of the inner box.

And the back view.

How nice of them to attach the manual – I was less afraid when putting the figure together.

The view getting more clear.

The foot pegs need to be attached separately.

I love the base! It really adds to the overall impression.

The Excalibur. Exactly as I expected. Although I was afraid it may look cheap, it definitely does not.

I love her attitude here so much! So much dynamics in this pose.

The motorbike is a piece of the art itself! I was really amazed by how real it looked. At the wheel are real rubber!

The seat is a soft rubber too. Like the real one.

Another thing that impressed me was the steerable front wheel. It can really move, like in a real motorbike toy!

Here it is turned right…

… and here to the left.

And finally the King of Knights in all her glory!

Do you know who was waiting all this time?

Looks like they finally met.

I must admit I am really relieved that they fit to each other by their scale and size. I was afraid they would be somehow off, but they look perfect together.

I’m so happy seeing my favorite couple together and all ready for a glorious fight!

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