Spring photography

Last weekend I took Kiz to the backyard to take some spring photos. Kiz took her own Sony Alpha, because she had wanted to take some photos herself.

I barely manage to make her pose to the camera a few times – most of the time she was busy taking photos and trying to get the best shot.

We started with my mum’s favourite tulips. Kiz had to hold them with her her, because the wind was so strong it was hardly possible to set the right focus.

Kiz is pretty focused on her job.

It seems I disturbed her while she was taking a photo of the cherry blossom.

Checking the picture just made.

And here it is. Do you think she did a good job? 🙂

Finally she agreed to pose for me, but I still felt the vibe of “hurry up or the light is gone” from her 😉

And here is a little bonus picture – this is how we managed to take those shots. We used a little help of Kizuna’s stand, which can be attached to any standard photo tripod.

Check all the photos in our little gallery.

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40 Responses to Spring photography

  1. elizabeth vinals says:

    Love these! Beautiful, the poses are great!!

    Where did you get her the Sony camera!? I’ve been looking for one!!

    Liz 🙂

    • mysha says:

      Sorry for the super late reply – I didn’t get a notification about your comment >_< The Sony camera is a usb flash memory - just look for one anywhere and I'm sure you'll find many of them ^^

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