For The Good Start

Christmas present - Mariko

Greetings in the New Year!

The coming year promises to be quite interesting and intensive in some more or less doll-related topics. Therefore, some changes will definitely happen – and the creation of this blog is one of them.

As many collectors at some stage of their activity, so I felt the need to have my own blog. I wanted to have all the information about my collection – a catalog of dolls, their descriptions and history, as well as a description of current and future projects – gathered in one place and organized. Until now all of this was scattered on various boards and Facebook, but used to got lost among other posts.

In the first few entries I want to introduce my vinyl&resin crew. The list starts with the little one, who – being the youngest member of the family – will get her dedicated entry at the very end. Maybe until then she decides to tell me her name 🙂 In the meantime, she brings us the recent memories of the Christmas atmosphere.



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4 Responses to For The Good Start

  1. Spanxi says:

    She’s so pretty!!
    Also :O that swarrico sit! I didn’t know DDs could pull that off!!

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